We believe that exhaustive research and intelligent scripting are essential to create an effective, memorable piece of audio-visual communication.

What brings our work alive are insightful visuals, infused by creatively designed graphics, married to a rich, layered sound track, studded with visual effects. High on impact, low on verbiage.
Our job is to communicate, influence, persuade, convince. Intelligently.

We believe that every word must work hard, every picture must earn its keep.

We begin by defining the client’s communication objectives, identifying the target audience, understanding the audience’s mindset, collecting all the relevant information and analysing it. And then we come up with a concept for the film that always surpasses the client’s expectations.

When it comes to an assignment, we take on the task on a turnkey basis – research, script, videography, photography, production of the sound track, creation of graphics, animation, editing and post-production. Beginning with an in-depth brief, we hand over the completed production to the client. We enjoy working closely with the client team and ensure that their communication objectives are met to their complete satisfaction.

For us, the Holy Grail is effectiveness. The client must feel that the production achieves what it was meant to – and more. We have built up a vibrant network of the finest technical talent and equipment available – for camera, lighting, sound design and engineering, art direction, set design, voice-overs, music, choreography, acting, graphics, animation, editing, visual effects, programming, et al. All basic creative inputs – research, scripting, direction, production – come from within the company.


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