A leading infrastructure company asked us to showcase their work to potential customers all over the world. We produced a fast-paced corporate film cut to specially composed music that drove home the point.

A multinational bank wanted to project the strengths of their IT back office in India to their principals overseas. We made a series of films highlighting their activities and another series that helped motivate the people in their India office.

The same bank was concerned about inculcating their international norms of business etiquette in their India office. We made various films using humour in everyday situations to make the message happily acceptable.

A leading manufacturer of power back-up systems needed to educate the consumers and their dealers, on the technology behind their products. We made tightly scripted films with clear story lines, using actors in everyday situations, speaking dialogues, to give the information in
an enjoyable way.

A pharmaceutical giant wanted us to enthuse their sales team to slaughter the competition.
We did it – with a rousing song and a choreographed cricket match.

In the advocacy sphere, we produced a short film and a multimedia presentation for the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, on the issue of building rural roads. This was screened to the Prime Minister and various union ministers.

For the World Health Organisation, we produced a film aimed at national governments in South East Asia, to persuade them to fight the proliferation of tobacco addiction in the region.

We made multimedia presentations on behalf of CII (the Confederation of Indian Industry),
to urge the government to initiate reforms in the agricultural sector and disinvestment in PSUs. Another presentation dealt with the diverse issues in the tourism sector.

We made the film that was screened at the India Pavilion at the World Expo in Lisbon, on the ocean sciences in India – not forgetting our gorgeous beaches and scrumptious seafood.

And those are just a few samples of our work.


See some of our fims here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUtKzNwCbjOzNENiFn4a6A/playlists